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Finding Data and Statistics Sources: Overview


The Finding and Using Statistics guide is designed to help you in locating statistics in print and online sources and using statistical data you find ethically. The guide contains the following sections.

  1. Understanding Statistics
    • General definitions and terminology for statistics
    • What types of statistics are available
    • What agencies compile statistics
    • Ways to think about statistics that will make them easier to find
  2. Locating Statistics
    • How to locate and retrieve raw statistical data and processed, or compiled, statistics
    • How to evaluate statistical information for authenticity and relevance to your need
    • What statistical databases are available
    • Basic search strategies for locating statistics in online databases
  3. Evaluating Statistics
    • How to evaluate the authenticity and reliability of statistical information
    • How to determine the relevance of a statistic to your need
  4. Statistical Sources
    • General websites
    • Subject-specific sites
    • Data sets
    • Major publications
  5. Examples
    • Data examples from various sources
  6. Using Statistical Sources Ethically
    • Citing a Data Set
    • Citation Style
    • How to Avoid Plagiarizing

About This Guide

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re-use/adapt note

The Information in this guide was re-used and adapted with permission of Angela Bonnell of Illinois State University, Milner Library.