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Previous 2019-2020 Common Reading Book: Videos & Multimedia

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Fake News: An Origin Story

Anonymity: Going off the Grid

PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed

Connected, but Alone

Interview with Frank Furedi, author of "How Fear Works: Culture of Fear in the Twenty-First Century"

The Facebook Dilemma, Part 1

Is Civility a Sham?

Navigating Digital Information

The problem with fear in politics

The Facebook Dilemma, Part 2

Protecting Twitter Users (Sometimes From Themselves)

The Hidden Influence of Social Networks

Bisexuality: The Invisible Letter "B"

What Fear Can Teach Us

How Fear Drives American Politics

We Live in Public: The Changing Role of Privacy and Technology in Daily Life

Digital Disconnect

What Makes Something Go Viral?

Ask a Librarian