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Basic Math and Pre-Algebra for Dummies

Positive, negative, whole numbers; fractions, decimals, percentages. Prepare for imaginary numbers, algebra, and more.

Link to Tri-C Library Catalog record for Geometry Quick Study - Part 1

Geometry Quick Study - Part 1

For geometry study, reference, and review.

Link to Tri-C Library Catalog record for Geometry Quick Study - Part 2

Geometry Quick Study - Part II

For geometry study, reference, and review.

The Raven's Hat

Games that show how mathematics can solve the apparently unsolvable. 

The Math of Life and Death

...illuminates seven mathematical principles that shape our lives.

Math Makers

Includes Isaac Newton, Sophie Germain, Emmy Noether, and Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Mathematics for Human Flourishing

An inclusive vision of mathematics--its beauty, its humanity, and its power to build virtues that help us all flourish.

101 Careers in Mathematics

125 career profiles for those with a degree in math

Essential Math for Data Science

Master the math needed to excel in data science, machine learning, and statistics.

Step Into the World of Mathematics : Math is Beautiful and Belongs to All of Us

"...mathematical models behind weather forecasting, climate change prediction, artificial intelligence, and more. ...technical math skills are not needed for ... this text."

Innumeracy in the Wild

Logic, rules, and habits of those who excel at making mathematical decisions * How to make up for deficiencies in math ability, how numeric abilities develop, and what trips us up in math

What Is Random?

Mathematician Ed Beltrami takes a close enough look at randomness to make it mysteriously disappear.

Calculus Simplified

User-friendly calculus.... nearly 200 solved problems, 300+ exercises w/answers. Requires no prior knowledge of exponential, logarithmic, or trigonometric functions. + online resources.

Mastering Calculus Through Practice

Useful for students who need calculus, like those studying first-year STEM, Economics, and Mathematics  

College Algebra 2e - OpenStax Textbook

Tutorials and Practice Tests

Tri-C Tutoring
Tri-C Math Placement Testing


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