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MATH 1190: Information Literacy for Quantitative Reasoning

Task 1

  Choose a Topic

Task 2

Choose a Data Source and Find Data

Government Data


Non-Profit and International Organizations

Internet (Google Search)

Google Web Search
  Search trusted, authoritative sites: Add site:.domain after search terms (domains .edu, .gov or .org).
Example:  cyberbullying     
NOTE:  NO spaces between site: and the domain

 Exact phrase search: Add quotation marks around a phrase
Examples:  "animal rights"  "mental health"   "school choice"

Task 3

 Evaluate the Data Source

Information is not created equal. Always check...





See the back of Data Literacy Activity for Math 1190 sheet for evaluation worksheet.

Task 4

Use Data Ethically (Create a Citation)

Citing a Data Set

Data Literacy Activity for Math 1190

...add when finalized...

Link to video???

Database Access

Databases on this page are available through Tri-C. When off-campus, you will need to provide your S-Number and Password for access.

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