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How to Find Books

This guide shows how to find books

Steps: How to Find Electronic Books

  1. Go to the Tri-C Classic catalog.
  2. Type the keywords of your topic in the search box, then click the Search button.
  3. Click the Modify Search button (above the search box).
    shows Tri-C Catalog results list, with Modify Search link circled. You would click this link to narrow results to a particular item type.
  4. Under Add Limits, in the Material Type box, click EBOOK.
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Click the title of any item in your results to view the detailed record for the book, including title, author, publisher, publication date. The book's detailed record may include a table of contents and/or a summary.
  7. From the detailed record for the book, click the "Connect to" link. Note that some books have more than one link. If the book has more than one link, and one link includes the phrase "off-campus," always choose the "off-campus" link when you are not at Tri-C
  8. If the Tri-C Library Remote Authentication Logon page displays, the e-book is owned by Tri-C.
    Students: Type your S-number and password. Faculty/staff: Type your network user name and password, then click Submit.
    If the OhioLINK Institution Selection form displays, the e-book is available through OhioLINK. Choose Cuyahoga Community College from the list and then choose your campus. Then, on the OhioLINK Authentication Form, type your name in the format last name first name, e.g., Smith Jane, then type your S-number, then click Submit.

Using E-Books

E-book publishers each create a different interface (or platform) for their books, so features and functionality vary. Refer to About Electronic Books for more information.