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Faculty/Library Liaison Program: Overview

Library Liaison Program Overview

The Tri-C Faculty Librarians work with faculty from all disciplines to ensure outstanding Library support of Tri-C students. The Library Liaison Program formally connects a faculty member from each discipline (the Discipline Liaison) with the faculty librarian responsible for that discipline’s subject area (the Liaison Librarian). Liaison Librarians and Discipline Liaisons work together by:

  • Sharing information about the library's collection, including things like new electronic journals and databases, teaching tools, instructional support services, and library initiatives; the faculty liaison, in turn, communicates information from the librarian to colleagues in their department.
  • Consulting on library projects that impact disciplines, like periodical subscription cancellations, large purchase decisions, or major withdrawal or transfer of books.
  • Relaying changes to academic directions, program needs, and course offerings that impact the library collection and/or the support librarians provide to the department/program.
  • Developing discipline-specific research guides and/or discipline-specific information literacy activities, assignments, and assessments.
  • Planning or facilitating student-focused library events.   

Please note that some of these items are eligible for up to 4 Service Credits. The Service Credits tab on this guide provides detailed information.