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ENG 1020 - Milam: Assignment

Research Paper Guidelines: ENG 1020

In order to satisfy your requirement for Composition II, you have been asked to write a standard argumentative research paper. In the coming weeks, you will pick a broad topic that interests you (see the following list of suggested topics, although be aware that these topics have been banned). Once you commit to your topic, you may not change it. In doing your research, you will more than likely narrow down your topic. During the course of this semester, we will explore the main parts of a research paper and also how to cite sources.

For this paper, you must use a mixture of sources for a total of at least 10 separate resources:

  • Books or E-Books (From Tri-C or a public library)
  • Articles from a journal/magazine/newspaper
  • Credible websites (This excludes wikipedia) 
  • Using a mixture of information sources ensures that you are going to understand the topic in far greater detail. 

The Library homepage is a very rich source of easily accessible information. Use these databases (Tri-C’s Catalog, OhioLink, SIRS, Academic Search Complete) as well as other Internet search engines (DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing) to collect your information. If you have any questions about using these tools, ask the librarians or me.

Your research paper must be at least 8 pages long, double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman 12-pt font. You will use correct margins and headers and include a Works Cited page. A title is required for your paper, but no title pages or cover pages, please.

Because we will spend time in class on how to properly document sources, I will expect good citation skills. If you have any questions, please see me or e-mail me. Plagiarism is a very serious offense and will result with a failing grade for the paper as well as failure of the course.

In addition to using at least 10 sources with correct citation practices, I will be looking for these things while grading your paper:


Content                                           90

Introduction                                    10

Conclusion                                    10

Correct Citation Skills                  20

Grammar/Spelling/Mechanics   40

Works Cited page                         20

Use of at least 10 sources         10

                                                  200 points total                                   

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