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ENG 1010 - Reyes: Essay #3

Essay #3 Comparison/Contrast

Essay #3 Comparison/Contrast and Persuasive Essay

Pick two products or two services.  Compare and contrast them in order to make some point about them.

  • Use at least 1 article

    • popular magazine
    • trade publication
    • newspaper
    • journal article

  • Use MLA Citation Style

  • Include a Works Cited page

  • 2-3 pages long


Scholarly Articles?

  • Also called peer-reviewed or academic
  • Reports on original research
  • Has a bibliography (list of references)
  • Indicates author affiliation
  • Reviewed by peers

Download the chart!


Magazines & Journals

90 seconds on Scholarly Articles

Learn quick visual tips for identifying the difference between a scholarly and popular article.  [Created by Wayne State University Libraries.]

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