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ENG 1020 - Morgenstein, B.: Websites & Multimedia

Resources for the Research-Assisted Essay


Google Web Search


When searching for career information, search for .org sites and add the search term careers or vocational guidance.


engineering careers
engineering "vocational guidance"

Quotation marks:

For natural phrases (compound terms), such as school choice or animal rights, be sure to use quotation marks.

Example:     " school choice"

To limit your search to trusted sites:

Specify a preferred domain (.edu, .gov or .org) by adding site:.domain to your search.

Example:     cyberbullying

Do not include spaces between site: and the domain.

NOTE: When you search the .edu domain, you may locate student papers. These are not acceptable sources for your research.


For most careers, there are member groups consisting of people who work in the field. These groups often allow students to join for a reduced rate. To find an organization of those working in the career you plan to pursue, search for the career that interests you, and add the site: command to limit to the .org domain. 

Example: Interested in a career as an attorney? Type the following in the Google search box:

attorneys association

Do not include spaces between site: and the domain (.org).

If the career you are interested in is more than one word, like medical assistant, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. Here's an example:

"medical assistants" association

Evaluating Sources

Lateral Reading

Fact Checking Sites

Multimedia/Video Resources

Ask a Librarian