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HUM - Green: Web

Subject-related sources, websites, and information.

Evaluating websites

Be sure to carefully evaluate the websites where you get information. There are many methods. We've provided information about the CRAP test and the ABCD method below.

Select a commercial website (.com) and compare to a governmental (.gov), educational (.edu), and organizational (.org) website using the CRAP (or CRAAP) evaluation method.

Google Web search

Type keywords in the search box below and click Search to begin your search.

Google Web Search

Natural phrases - quotation marks

For natural phrases, be sure to use quotation marks.

Searching for a phrase

Limit your search by domain

To limit to authoritative web sites, choose your preferred domain (.edu, .gov or .org) by adding site:.domain

Search engine math

Minus Sign - Exclude from your search

Use a minus sign to exclude a term from your search. In the example below, you would search for homelessness but exclude children.

You may also use the minus sign to exclude domains. For example, to exclude commercial Web sites:


NOTE: Do not include any spaces after the minus sign.

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