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ENG 1020 - Reyes: Rhetorical Analysis

Download the assignment

Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Download the assignment above for complete details.

Content Requirements

  • Choose a cartoon, or a series of cartoons on the same subject
  • Conduct a rhetorical analysis of how the cartoon makes its case
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the cartoon
  • Background research on subject (at least one source)

Source Requirements

  • Use at least 1 source from a periodical or newspaper, or a credible website (.edu or .gov). 
  • Include a copy of your image.

Image Formatting

  • Position image for best rhetorical effect
  • Include a caption for each image that include:
    • a figure number
    • a title or description of the image
    • the complete source

Paper Requirements

  • 2-3 pages
  • Double-spacing
  • Extra MLA Works Cited page


Finding background information

Finding Cartoons in books

Finding Cartoons - Current

Finding Cartoons - Historical

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