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What are English as a Second Language Readers?

ESL Readers are for college students who are beginning to read in English. ESL Readers have different levels so that you can find the right level as your reading skills improve. You might start with a Level 2 book, for example. After you read some Level 2 books, you might decide that they are now easy for you. You can next try a Level 3 book to see if you can understand it well.

Important Note:  Two books might be “Level 2” readers, but they may not be on the same reading level if they are from different companies. There are many companies that publish these books. A Level 2 Oxford book might be different from a Level 2 Penguin book.

This guide will help you see what books Tri-C has. We recommend that you look at the book carefully before you borrow it. We want you to become more confident in your English reading skills. Simple stories are sometimes the best stories. Start slowly and enjoy reading!


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