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Teaching and Learning Resources: Student Centered Learning


Video Resources


In the first video, one educator discusses her transition from a teacher-centered classroom into a student-centered classroom. While this TedTalk discusses a high school classroom, the same strategies could be used in the community college classroom. 

The second video demonstrates how blended learning works within a high school in Washington DC. In this video, “blended” refers to students using computer-based learning within the classroom, along with other learning experiences.  

At Tri-C, “blended” is a modality of learning that often refers to a classroom that meets in-person and online. However, these strategies, including video instruction, mastery of material using exit tickets, and other student-centered strategies, are all possible at Tri-C. If you want to engage with this kind of learning but you are unsure where to start, contact your Center for Learning Excellence for support in a classroom redesign. 

1. Students Need to Lead the Classroom, Not Teachers - Katherine Cadwell

2. A Student-Centered Model of Blended Learning