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Essential Learning Outcomes: Overview

Overview of Tri-C's Essential Learning Outcomes

Essential Learning Outcomes

  • Critical & Creative Thinking: Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to consider problems/ideas and transform them in innovative or imaginative ways.
  • Civic Responsibility: Analyze the results of actions and inactions with the likely effects on the larger local and/or global communities.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Demonstrate sensitivity to the beliefs, views, values, and practices of cultures within and beyond the United States.
  • Information Literacy: Acquire, evaluate, and use information from credible sources in order to meet information needs for a specific research purpose.
  • Oral Communication: Demonstrate effective verbal and nonverbal communication for an intended audience that is clear, organized, and delivered effectively following the standard conventions of that language.
  • Written Communication: Demonstrate effective written communication for an intended audience that follows genre/disciplinary conventions that reflect clarity, organization, and editing skills.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Analyze problems, including real-world scenarios, through the application of mathematical and numerical concepts and skills, including the interpretation of data, tables, charts, or graphs.


CLOA Team Contacts


Lorrie DiGiampietro x0288

Derek Hiley x2583

Justin Miller x2359


Pat Stansberry  x4279 (Currently on PIL)

Sara Clark x5590

Rhonda Fabrizi x4541

Meagan Fowler x4314


Sheila Petcavage x5571

Donya Waugh  x5534

Chris Wolken x5645 


Anne Distler x3936

Theresa Gromek x5930

Bridget Kriner x5801    


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