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Is My Article Scholarly or Popular?: Parts of a Scholarly Article

1. Abstract

  • A summary of the article.
  • Helps you decide if the article contains information you can use for your paper/presentation.  

Read it? Yes

2. Introduction/Literature Review

  • Explains the purpose of the research or study the article is about
  • Lists and describes previous research and studies, providing background information on the topic

Read it? Yes

3. Methods

  • Describes the overall plan for the research (a.k.a. research design), including:
    • How study data was gathered and how it will be analyzed
    • Information about study participants
  • Important for repeating the research or testing the results

Read it? No, unless your professor requires it.

4. Results/Findings

  • How study data was analyzed
  • Descriptive text, charts, graphs, tables
  • Statistics, formulas, numbers

Read it? No, unless your professor requires it

5. Discussion/Conclusion

  • Summarizes research results 
  • Suggests further studies that might be undertaken to learn more

Read it? Yes.

NOTE: An article may contain one section titled Discussion or one section titled Conclusion, or both.

6. References

  • Lists all references cited in the article.
  • Just like the References or Works Cited page of your research paper

Read it? No, unless your professor requires it