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WGS 201H - Kriner: Research Sources

Women in the World


Welcome to the research guide for WGS 201H, Women in the World.

The best place to start as you begin thinking about and researching women internationally is the resource AtoZ The World found under the Finding Articles box. Here you can explore various aspects of women in any country and get a nice foundation on the culture, politics, economics, etc. of a country. The other resources under Finding Articles will be helpful to search for supporting articles. 

The websites listed will provide valuable data on women worldwide and as you do your own searching and find additional websites that are useful, please feel free to pass them along to me, Nancy Weissman, for inclusion on this guide. 

The same is true for the videos and multimedia; these are suggestions which may be useful or lead to relevant and useful information. Kanopy is a terrific resource, but you must establish an account prior watching a video, just following the prompts on the site. 

Email me or schedule a one on one online appointment if you need any assistance. 

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