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American Sign Language/Deaf Interpretive Services: Resources

Subject-related sources, websites, and information.

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Magazines & Journals by Title

Full text journals available online through Tri-C (with your Tri-C S-number and Password):

National Technical Institute for the Deaf Journal at the NTID website:


Link to 6-page electronic guide, ASL American Sign Language

ASL - American Sign Language

A 6-page guide with photo examples of often-used words and phrases.

Link to electronic book, Learn American Sign Language

Learn American Sign Language

Guide to learning American Sign Language including finger spelling, numbers, inflections, hand shapes.

Link to electronic book, What's your sign for pizza?

What's Your Sign for Pizza?

About variation in the way American Sign Language (ASL) is used by Deaf people across the nation.

Link to electronic book, Baby sign language basics

Baby Sign Language Basics

300+ American Sign Language (ASL) signs, with photos and descriptions

Online encyclopedia

Fingerspelling Apps and Sites

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