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Paralegal Studies: Websites

Subject-related sources, websites, and information.

Medical Reference


Google Web Search
To limit your search to authoritative (trusted) sites:
Specify a preferred domain (.edu, .gov or .org) by adding site:.domain to your search.

Be sure to include NO spaces between site: and the domain.

Use quotation marks:
For natural phrases (compound terms), such as school choice or animal rights, be sure to use quotation marks.
Example:  "school choice"

Google Scholar - Finding Cases and Patents

Use Google Scholar to search for cases:

Google Scholar Search

Use Google Scholar to search for patents:

Google Patent Search

Setting Up Library Links in Google Scholar (a.k.a. Getting Google Scholar to Give You More Access as a Tri-C Student)

How to Get a Citation from Google Scholar:

  1. From the Google Scholar result list page, click  Cite under the result list item. Click the small image below to view a larger image.

  2. Highlight and copy the citation in the format required for your research assignment.
  3. Paste the citation into your document.