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Mental Health: Welcome


This Mental Health Guide is designed to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and provide helpful resources. Mental health services can be helpful and healing is possible. Start with the "Overview" section to review a variety of topics or the "Take a Screening" section. Keep in mind that life has natural ups and downs, so not all emotions or behaviors are diagnosable.   Tri-C Student Counseling Center


Link to Mental Health Brochures & Fact Sheets, National Institute of Health
Link to About Mental Health | CDC
Links to Mental Health Quiz


Link to DSM-TR
Link to ICD-11

Take a Screening

Link to Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County
Link to Mental Health Screening
Link to How can online mental health testing help me?
Link to Take a Mental Health Test
Link to What do my Mental Health Test Results Mean?

Helping Yourself & Others

Link to Types of Therapy, Jed Foundation
Links to My Mental Health: Do I Need Help, National Institute of Mental Health
Link to video, Mental Health Wellness Tips
Link to Therapy Dogs Research Guide
Link to Self Care When Helping Others
Link to Self-Care
Link to Helping Others
Link to Mental Health Is Health
Link to Be There For Them
Link to Take Control of Your Emotional Health
Link to NAMI Hearts and Minds
Link to COPMI Children of Parents with a Mental Illness site

Having Conversations

Link to What to say, not to say
Link to Stigma | Mental Health Matters
Link to Seize the Awkward
LInks to People Matter, Words Matter, American Hospital Association
Link to Tips for Talking with Teens about Mental Health
Link to What to Do If Concerned About Teen's Mental Health
Link to We're in This Together
Link to Just Checking In
LInk to Stigma Free Conversation Guide
Link to video When It's More Than a Bad Day
Link to How to Talk About Mental Health with Anyone

Personal Stories

Links to video: Celebrities bring awareness to mental health issues | Associated Press)
Links to video: Kevin Love details his battles with mental illness | ESPN
Links to video 4 NFL players share mental health challenges with Carson Daly
Links to video: Gaga talks mental health with Prince William video | Associated Press
Links to Video: Top 10 Inspirational Celebs Who Were Honest About Mental Health
Links to Video: Kevin Hines
Links to VIdeo: Put Mental Health First, Simone Biles
Links to Video: Demi Lovato Struggles to Help Others
Link to Personal Stories, NAMI
Link to Stories, This is My Brave

Resources & Support

Link to 988 chat
Link to 988 Call
Link to 988 Text
Link to Veterans Crisis Line
Link to Crisis Text Line
Link to Call 211
Link to 211 chat
Link to NAMI Help Line
Link to Mental Health Screening
Link to Trevor Project Crisis Counselors
Link to Trans Lifeline
Link to Call BlackLine
Link to Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland site
Link to Counseling & Wellness, Jewish Federation of Cleveland site
Link to Post-Resettlement Behavioral Health Support, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants site
Link to Bienvenidos a Cleveland, Tri-C Hispanic Council site
Link to Helplines, Tri-C Help Is Here
Link to Tri-C Help Is Here
Link to Tri-C Help Is Here App
Link to Support Groups, Help Is Here,Tri-C
Link to Relationships, Tri-C Help Is Here Website
Link to Substance Use & Addiction, Tri-C Help Is Here
Link to Relaxation Tips, Tri-C Help Is Here
Link to Student Resource Guide, Tri-C Help Is Here
Link to Tri-C Employee Resource Guide

Learn More

Link to Careers in Mental Health, Tri-C
Link to Tri-C’s END Program
Link to Psychology at Tri-C
Link to Tri-C, Creative Art Therapy Facilitator
Link to Human Services, Tri-C
Link to Tri-C Transfer Partnerships
Links to Dear Therapists podcast
Links to Psych Central | Inside Mental Health podcast
Link to Mayim Bialik's Breakdown podcast
Link to Hidden Brain podcast
Link to Psych Hub podcast
Link to Therapy for Black Girls podcast
Image to The Dope Black Therapist podcast
Link to Unlocking Us podcast
Link to How Can I Help podcast
Link to Active Minds Webinars
Link to To Write Love on Her Arms Podcast

Books & More

Link to library catalog record for book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
Link to library catalog record for Emotional First Aid
Link to library catalog record for book This Too Shall Pass
Link to library catalog record for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple
Link to library catalog record for book A Molecule Away from Madness
Link to Amazon for book Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Simple Ways To Improve Your Wellbeing
Link to Amazon book Talking to Children about Mental Health
Link to library catalog record for book Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?
Link to Journal of Psychopathology and Clinical Science
Link to Psychology Today
Link to Journal of Clinical Psychology
Link to Psychiatric News

Get Help Now

988 - Suicide Crisis Line
Link to Crisis Text Line