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ENG 1020 - R. Mohan: Assignment


Gay Marriage: pp. 688-689.

Female Identity: pp. 690-692.

Illegal Music Downloading:  pp. 693-694.

Torture: pp. 214-217.

Sex Offender Ban: pp. 707-708

Drinking Age: pp. 709-710.

Guns on Campus: page 199.

Social Media: “friends with benefits”: p. 218

Athletic Scholarships: p. 248

Insufficient Design: pp. 777-779.

Body Image and its influence on men and women.

Printing to a PDF file

All campus computers have CutePDF installed as a printer.

File > "Print"

Change the printer to "CutePDF"

Click "Print"

This will start the file conversion process to pdf.  You will be asked to save the file with a new name in a folder of your choice.

Once completed, you can upload this file into Blackboard.

Research Paper Guidelines: ENG 1020

Research Paper

  • 6-8 pages. This page limit applies to the text of the research paper (introduction, body, and conclusion).

  • Choose a topic from the list provided.

  • You must go through the following steps for the research paper:

    • Proposal of the topic (narrowed down) to be approved by the instructor
    • Outline
    • First draft
    • Final draft
    • Works Cited section

  •  Formal outline, and Works Cited  (MLA format) are required. Your grade will go down one letter grade for each missing section.

  • A first draft (typed) is required.

  • Sources:

    • Works consulted - 6
    • Works actually cited - 4
    • Choose a combination of books and articles from journals
    • You should not rely on the same journal for all your sources.


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