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Information Literacy: Meeting Information Literacy Outcome

Information Literacy is one of the six General Education Outcomes for Tri-C students. This LibGuide provides information about Information Literacy, rubrics/scoring guides, and sample assignments that incorporate Information Literacy outcomes.

Does my course meet the information literacy outcome?

In order to meet the intended learning outcome, a course must address all of the key criteria listed below:

  • Does a course address an understanding of the nature of information including use of original ideas and analysis of information and information production?
  • Does the course require access of information including but not limited to use of databases, search engines, and library resources as well as the creation of research strategies and locating information?
  • Does the course require evaluation of information including, but not limited to, evaluation of resources for relevance, objectivity, validity, authority, timeliness, and reliability?
  • Does the course address the proper use of information including the organization of information, effective uses, synthesis, and proper use of citations for quotes or paraphrased ideas?
  • Does the course address the ethical or legal implications of information usage through an understanding of intellectual property, copyright, and plagiarism?

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