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Current Library Services during COVID-19: Free Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Free Resources during COVID-19

Many library and educational vendors have started to offer free or greater access to their resources during the COVID-19 crisis. Hover over resource title for a description and click the links offered to explore these resources. This guide will be updated frequently.

Please keep in mind these offers are not made through a subscription through the library but extended to you at the discretion of the vendors as a sign of solidarity in times of trial. Some may include specific time frames for cancelation and some are just expanded free offerings for a specific time frame. Pay close attention to their terms! 

Don't see something you need? Contact the reference desk via chat, email us, or give a call for assistance.

Find a great resource? Share it with us and we will add it to the guide!

Always Available - Library Database A-Z List

Database Resources

Hover for resource description.

Software/App Resources

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Community Resources

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Resources for Faculty